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Our Vision & Ethos

At REALM 47 our vision is to create high quality luxury accommodation throughout all of our developments, both residential and commercial. We aim to achieve this by selecting modern living features and new technology to make each property type better suited for its future occupants.

At REALM 47 we aim to provide our investors with a substantial return that will help them grow their wealth.  We pay particular attention to the details because we want our buyers and tenants to feel that they have received a service and property that is tailored for them and makes them feel valued.

At REALM 47 we take active steps to reduce the carbon footprint of the properties that we create by investing in energy performance through the use of energy efficient products and renewable heat sources.  This is incredibly important for sustainability and positive economical prospects and we believe that our buyers & tenants will agree with us as the benefits of implementing these measures within their properties results in a reduction of outgoing energy bills.

At REALM 47 we strive to raise the standard of accommodation and by consistently doing so, inspire others in the industry to do the same.

We take enormous pride in our work and aim to continually over achieve in terms of what is expected.

By applying these visions and ethos to our work, we are confident that we will continue to see a positive growth trajectory for our Property Investment portfolio & Development business.